We are a young company stablished in November 2017 focused in the development of Wind power proejcts from Spain to the world.


Our mission is to participate in the evolution of the energetic sector and global sustainability.


We will have a relevant participation within the Spanish energetic market by implementing new technologies and innovative processes.


Our team combines over 15 years of experience in the renewable energy industry, each of our technical cells possesses vast experience in each area (PV, eolic, substations and T&D)


Eolic Projects

Administrative and Execution projects : >700 MW

Technical Due Diligence: >700MW

Request for Proposal for Balance of Plan: >700MW

Revision, Assesment and selection of wind turbine generators: >700MW

Engineering, including OHL, Substations and wind farms: >700MW

Wind resource studies: >300MW

Property engineering: >1200MW

Financial closure: 720MW (in process)

Solar Projects

Engineering, including OHL, Substations and wind farms: >50MW

Administrative and Execution projects:>50MW


Over 300km of transmission lines (110-400kv)

Several substations designs in Latam and Europe


Since 2005 we have done 4,000 MW of wind and 2,000 MW of solar environmntal processes, more than 900 EIAs from different disciplines have been processed.
Environmental management of work of more than 60 PE, 100 Power Lines and 20 photovoltaic
Environmental monitoring plan and bird monitoring and mortality of more than 40 PE in Navarre, Aragon, Catalonia and Andalusia




We have a portfolio of projects licated in the Galicean and Castile and Leon comunities.

What makes us Different

We offer flexibility given by our team of independent experts that gather expertise and cost effective integration which helps us managing the information and optpimizing each process of a project development.

With avant-garde technology, our team commitment, responsibility and proved results allows us to be recognized for quality, and cost efficiency. A key partner for any investor or developer.