Who we are

We are a company specialized in the development of sustainable energy generation projects.


Our mission is to use the experience, knowledge and excelence of our team to participate in the evolution of the energetic sector and global sustainability.


We will have a relevant participation within the Spanish energetic market in the next 10 years.



Our team combines over 15 years of experience in the renewable energy industry, covering development, management, processing, engineering, building and commercialization of the energy.

We have contributed to the development of over 20.000 MW in spain and abroad, includding these activities:

  • Develpoment and paperwork processing
  • Administrative and execution projects
  • Prospecting and pre-factibility studies
  • Due Diligence
  • Wind resource evaluation
  • Layout optimizattion
  • Socialization and divulgation
  • Environmental Impact Studies
  • Land management
  • Design and analysis of grid connection
  • Line & Substation projects
  • Contracting EPC & BOP
  • Contractors management and site supervision
  • Financial model



Our main advantage is the management of different multidisciplinary teams, that allows the communication to flow effectively, which provides the flexibility needed to make asertive desicions in order to complete the projects on time and smoothly.

We also care of working with the latest technologies available and experts in each area commited to delivering high quality standards.

All this endorsed by our previous achievements, based in our core values:

Commitment, transparency, responsibiliti and excellence.