Services Briefcase

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Our engineering projects encompass eolic and solar projects, substations, trsnmission and distribution with civil, mechanical and electrical works, includding blueprints, execution and administrative projects, detailed engineering, RFP , technical specifications, contractors evaluation and comparison.

Due Diligence:

Technical, permitting and vendors due diligence.

Feasibility Studies:

Resources study, energy audit, technical and economical prefactibility and feasibility studies, class and subclass, layout design and optimization.

Environmental Studies:

Environmental impact studies, bird monitoring, environmental corridors, archeological prospecting, noise, flicker and visual impact studies, as well as Environmental Work Management and Surveillance Plans in operation.

Topography and Cartography:

Topographic survey with unmanned ships, HD orthophotos,crossroads and dimensions definition, channels definition and List of Assets and Rights Affected.

Project Development:

Land search and negotiation, Request and Management of the connection point, Procedures with public administrations, Aviation, Elaboration of all projects and reprints for processing

Market and Technology:

Market and competitivity research, technology comparison and evaluation, selection of optimal technology combination.

Smart Management:

Security, Communication, Monitoring, Smart Grid and other Customized solutions.